We say architecture and we cut down trees, we say design and we give huge windows, we call it style when we give projections in concrete and say we are satisfied with obnoxious shapes. What is man trying to achieve with these moves? The direct effects are purely visible – we are the proud creators of global warming, pollution and even fear of living, that’s what is undoubtedly evident.

             The coniferous plants and turf grass will do no more than what we actually have now in rice and bajra, what do we see in fountains more than in waterfalls. We want urban-I-zation so much, everything to our self, my own dining, my own garden space and so, everything has become me and my, and it doesn’t sound funny or for your sake prestigious.

               We want our buildings to be strong and so we dig, we dig, dig and dig. We dig for sand, we dig for resources, we dig for foundation and we dig for water. We saw artists recreating natural landscapes but now we create urbanscapes and again recreate them on screen.  We say we build energy efficient buildings but most of it is just arriving at the best checklist of design elements.

        Do we need to change? If so, what do we need to change? Where is that we start with?

             We begin with us, every time. What do you think would happen if everything that is consumed is natural? When we produce no waste at all?  When we do not mess up with the existing climate?

             We erect huge buildings in certain areas saying it is economical and we say it’s art and do things that we might regret later. We spend money on facades, on our faces and we give little concern to the structure, to our body.

        We need reformation in our ways, we need to change with our support systems.

               Everyone says they are running behind progress – Villages are moving; trying to catch up but they have become cities in the process, development is so much one way. Why can’t we just develop in villages, why can’t progress happen in rural areas, all you need is education and the right means of execution.

               People say they find peace in countryside and they find power in a city. Urban areas can become even more habitable if we offer more peace than existing and we can stop people leaving the country if we give them reasonable work to stay economically proud.

               We earn, we spend, this doesn’t just stick to money and this also applies to human relationships and nature of things happening. So what if we are able to think beyond money that’s when we can actually think for ourselves.

               We would get attracted by natural beauty in ages we dint know why, but now we have the means to know the reason behind every happening on earth and beyond. Our views on beauty have changed with times. Content was not created for us, it was created to keep us moving and stay immovable, to keep us away from the actual happenings.

               We say our usual lives expect us to stay in cities to earn and enjoy and go to a village to relax and sustain. We’ve never thought otherwise.

And we will never know that it was our fault.

        We need to re- interpret!




A person who commented, “Why would I ever choose constructing buildings?” as my career actually ended up embracing it as her destiny. And the way the person ended up in that field is even more funny, the first thing is that she didn’t want to do the obvious medicine and engineering and wanted her life to get creative. The father and the child buckled up to choose the child’s profession, wrote all the courses available in chits and picked up two of them. One turned out to be civil engineering and the other was architecture. Then they started on a search for entrance exams for these courses and saw those bold letters N A T A, and started preparing full-time for the same without even finalising on the course. The mechanical engineer father,  with his extraordinary sketching skills educated his child for the exam and asked the child to take a lot of online mock tests related to the entrance so that the child might get accustomed to the exam,  the score was  published 5  days later – 102. Now the time for choosing the college came, applying for all the counsellings’, the child wanted to join some college which would actually appreciate her score, still not certain about her course. Her parents and her siblings then  took her to the chosen college and dropped the person to carry on with life. And now, for ending this story, I’ll have to specify when the person felt that this was what the person had taken birth for. It was when all the spoon feeding days ended, and she took the first stroke of her brush on the sheet, the pencil, the oil pastels and  all the other mediums helped her to express herself in whatever she did henceforth, she then found out it was not only about creativity or designing something, it was knowing more about herself and thus exploring her own soul.