All a person wants is to be at least good at anything that they try to do.




Only a person who can survive everything is an architect!

An aligned work; is a neat work!

Design and architecture are just plain problem solving without that you can go no further.

In Architecture, you got to ask the right questions to the right people, if you don’t then your self-image is gone.

No one knows if you know something, again, no one knows that you don’t know something, so whatever you don’t know, you will only come to know, if you ask  someone(anyone).

A place where you get your brain fried and get paid for it(btw you also enjoy it) – is an architect’s office.

How does an intern architect interact with another intern architect


First: The very first way is that you show off your portfolio, which you would have spend most of your time in the past days, even more than breathing.

From there every other thing starts, the quotes you use, the software which you were well versed in, the competitions you have enrolled and won in, you were the president or the vice-president or a member of some committee which does something in your institution.

Then comes your favorite architect or your favorite style, then you talk about the buildings you have been to and your school has taken you too. You talk about the north and the south, the east and the west. And you talk about the climate and how it affects your design.

While you are at work, you tell the person right next to you the few shortcuts you know in a certain software keeping in mind this will once help you again when the person will teach you some shortcuts in some other software.

Then you’ll talk about coffee, at coffee, there you’ll talk about living a busy life, going new places, meeting new people and enjoying life the fullest.

Our seniors at office talk about the expo’s and we comment by sharing our little knowledge on expo’s we’ve went as a student, most of the time it will just be your personal story rather than useful information.

Then when you are assigned a job, you show your work to every intern architect you know before you submit your work to your senior, you are never confident enough, but you anyway show it.

Your intern friend is never too concerned about your work, they either talk to you because they want to show off or that they need to waste time a bit.(actually from the work they have in hand)

Then come the corrections from the person who assigned you the work and then comes a whole list of  “You see” ‘s  and “I told you so” ‘s from that intern next to you.

But anyway you are happy you have another person at least to share the same position as you and you go soft on them, asking about their hobbies to change your mood; their favourite restaurants and cafes, their hide out spots and their favorite movie artist or book writer.

And when at the end of the day when you have something in common you hold on to it for the next few months of internship to cheer him/her up whenever they are happy or sad. This is called manipulation, but the good way round.

And every time you meet that person again, you always greet them well because they are going to be a big part of your life which might influence you a lot so why not, no?

This is just me showing off my experience;  to tell others that nothing is really very bad after all.